Ah the fine art of the ugly cry. — The Bump
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Ah the fine art of the ugly cry.

I went into my closet to have one this evening because I'm so frustrated with this week*, weekend, school year, year...

I feel so isolated lately.  Like the only person who gets me or even cares is 10 months old but somehow makes me pull through another day.

*edited for spelling.

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Re: Ah the fine art of the ugly cry.

  • (((())))) im sorry you feel that way.
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  • ((big squishy hugs))

     sorry Rach. I'm having a year like that at my job.

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  • Love you. I'm sorry sweetie.
  • ((hugs)) I'm sorry you are having a rough time.
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  • I'm so sorry. ((hugs))
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  • Hope things get a little better soon.

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  • Sorry Rach, (((hugs))).  I do have to say though, your 10 month old friend is the cutest and most lovable friend.  I have one that is 20 months ;)  and wouldn't trade for any adult.
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