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Helpl me out with this one

SO, in case you've never heard of "Groupon", it's a website where you buy into these offers, many which are great deals, under the limited time they are offered.

Right now, they are offering a deal to make a photo onto a 16 X 20 canvas for $45.  Very cool if you have a good pic for it.  Here's my dilemma...

I was thinking it's a good gift for  my very sweet SIL (half sister to DH), who just lost her mother.  It would mean a lot to her.  HOWEVER, MIL (who is not the mother of SIL obviously), is always sour grapes toward FILs other children and even anything remotely related to FIL's ex-wife (now deceased), and I'm afraid to do something so special for fear that MIL will make my life hell. 

My instinct is to stay away from a controversial gift when it comes to ILs, but this could be the gift of a lifetime to SIL.  My other alternative?  Send an email to SIL that this deal exists so she can just take advantage herself....

What do you think?

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Re: Helpl me out with this one

  • I think you should do it and not worry about MIL. I mean if MIL gets mad about that, that is her problem. Its not like MIL will be living with the canvas and you want to do this for your SIL. You never know where SIL will display the photo so MIL might not even see it that much.
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  • If you think giving her this gift will make her smile and will mean a lot to her ... you should definitely do it.  If MIL gets upset over this, that is very selfish of her and thats her problem, not yours.
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