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kinda sh!ty date night

First off, I haven't posted in awhile so hi. So J and I went out tonight for our 3rd anniversary(it was yesterday but it was better for my mom to watch E on a friday). Well we went to this swanky italian restaurant uptown and so many things went wrong. We couldn't find the parking garage where we were supposed to park. The food was not so good. Actually mine wasn't too bad but my F's was nasty so I pretty much gave him my dinner cause he was literally starving. A security guard kinda yelled at us for trying to take a picture inside of the lobby of this building(don't have any clue why we couldn't). Up until this point we were laughing about it all. Then my F had to pee. The 3 gas stations we went to didn't have bathrooms and by that point my F was really having to go and therefore being kind of rude. He kept wanting me to pull over so he could pee outside somewhere (which I wouldn't let him cause he most likely would have gotten in trouble with all the cops that were around) then we found a place and he was insisting I park in the handicap place so he could get in faster. He wasn't really being mean, just kind of demanding. He got back in the car and said "ok baby now we can get lost" but its like my fun was stolen by how serious he was beforehand. He apologized and said he just really had to pee but damn no need to get the way he did. He had to run into walmart real quick on the way home to get something for work tomorrow and he got me some flowers to make me smile. So sweet. Oh and yesterday he got me a amethyst ring(E's birthstone) that has diamonds beside it and I love it. He's great to me and I love him deeply, just wish the night would have gone more smoothly
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Re: kinda sh!ty date night

  • We have learned that for special occasions to go to old favorites where we we know we will have a good time/good food-for those reasons!  We usually are dispointed when we try to find a new good place when we are trying to celebrate/special occasion etc...
  • Sorry your night didn't go more smoothly but you'll look back on this and get a good laugh!

    Oh yeah i'm moody when I have to pee to LOL


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  • What is this date night you speak of? I have never heard of such a thing.
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  • H gets super mean if we are driving and he has to poop. It is a mood killer for sure.
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