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9.5 mo and still not crazy about finger foods?

Is my DS the only one who's still not crazy about finger foods?  He was doing pretty well there for awhile, but now he's reverted back to just wanting purees.  He likes certain things...cheerios, pancakes, biscuits, graham crackers.  Other than that, he just squishes it in his hands and drops it.  If I put it in his mouth for him, he makes an awful face and spits it all out. 
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Re: 9.5 mo and still not crazy about finger foods?

  • DS will be 9 months in a few days, and he is only on purees so far. I've tried giving a couple of other things and he just doesn't seem ready to really feed himself. He did what you described-makes a face, coughs, or just drops it or doesn't bring it to his mouth.  I decided to try a stage 3 baby food thinking that would easier, and he doesn't seem to like that either (at least, not the one I tried). I'm guessing it'a texture issue. He's just very unsure of what to do with new things.

    I have a feeling it'll take us awhile to get him to transition. 

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  • My son actually prefers finger foods to purees.

    My doctor told us to never put the finger foods in their mouth for them. Just to let them figure it out, and they'll eat it if they want to.

    I guess maybe try only one meal as finger foods? Formula/breast milk should still be his main source of nutrients/food, so I wouldn't stress too much. Just let him have fun with it. But at least this way, you know he is still getting some sort of solids.

    I also find Nate does best when we are eating at the same time as him. If we try to feed him at a different time then us, he gets bored and starts throwing food off his tray (took me a bit to figure that out). So maybe try that? And just keep giving variety.

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  • Just stick with it.  One of my boys rejected most things until 11 months.  I was starting to get frustrated, but he's doing fine now.  I thought I was going to have to feed him cheerios & mum mums for the rest of his life.
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