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No daytime napping/fighting sleep

How many of you have a LO who refuses to nap (or only takes short cat naps) during the day?  My DS seems to be always fighting sleep like he doesnt want to miss anything.  If you have any advice I would love to hear it!

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Re: No daytime napping/fighting sleep

  • Yep, our DD goes on "nap strike" pretty often. DH brought my travel hair dryer out to the living room so he could turn it on next to her swing to step up the white noise beyond what the swing could do!! That usually helps her to fall asleep, but still she'll only sleep for 20 minutes a lot of the time. If we really want her to take a good nap, we'll swaddle her, nurse, and then put her in the swing or bouncy seat. Still doesn't work sometimes, but yesterday it got us a 3 hour nap!

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  • My MIL calls DD2 "Bright Eyes" because every time you look at her, her eyes are WIDE open.  After reading some Baby Whisperer stuff, I saw the suggestion to lightly cup your hand over their eyes while putting them down for a nap/sleep.  It really helps DD.  For her evening nap she only wants to be held, but will keep looking around the room until she's a fussy, overtired mess, so I started putting a burp cloth over my shoulder and her head while I rock/bounce her, and she'll nod off, usually within 5-10 minutes.
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  • I am in the SAME boat as you. The only time I get long naps is when I go for a ride in the car or for a walk in the stroller. Other than that it's all cat naps.
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  • I unfortunately have no advice, but am in the same boat as you.  The only saving grace is that Parker sleeps at night for anywhere between 6 and 10 hours straight.  Does your LO STTN?  I'm wondering if it is because he does sleep so long at night that he is just alert longer during the day?  I know he does fight sleep a lot during the day, so it is frustrating to spend so much time trying to get him to nap to only have him down for 20 minutes.

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  • No advice, only commiseration.  If I'm lucky I'll get a 40 minute nap out of DD, but frequently she only naps for 20 minutes.  The only time she'll take a nice long nap is if she's in the Moby.
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  • Going through the same thing. DD refuses to sleep more than 20 minutes during the day and starts fussing til I hold her. So frustrating!
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  • Its nice to know, we arent alone in the "little sleep club".  Its frustrating, I feel I have tried so many things to try and get him to nap.  He sleeps for 4-5 hr stretched at night, thank goodness.  He has on occasion STTN from like 9-10pm to 5-6am.  But that only happened a few times.

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  • My DD started doing that two weeks ago.  She would fall asleep in my arms or chest after bottle, then when I put her down and the longest stretch was 20 mins for a nap.  Ive since discovered she no longer likes her rock n play which she slept in and napped in.  So we use the crib.  If she is fighting sleep, I rock her, with paci, near white noise sound machine and usually she fall asleep within 10 mins.  The white noise seems to "mesmerize" her  :)   good luck!
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