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H: Nine $5 Similac checks W:$5 Enfamil checks


I am in infertile who never even got the chance to TTC. 12/1999-Ruptured ectopic pregnancy, right tube removed via Laparotomy, left tube was damaged. 2/2002-Laparotomy #2 for left ruptured ovarian cyst. Left ovarian cystectomy & Left tuboplasty. 11/2009-Natural IVF. 11/29 retrieval. Beta 12/14=BFN
1/2010-Remaining tube is a hydrosalpinx & now facing AMA
Moving on to Domestic Adoption!
5/24/10 - Hired an adoption consultant
9/13/10 - Home study approved!
9/18/10 - Mailed all 5 agency applications & profile books
1/13/11 - Got THE call that we were chosen by a birth mother
1/17/11 - Officially accepted the match. Cautiously optimisic :)
3/2011 - Our beautiful baby was born and is home with us!!!

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My sweet furbabies :) They are love...love love love
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