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HCG update...not sure what to think

Wednesday I had blood drawn at 1145am, it came back 2953

Today I went at 8am and it came back 4212

I know it's higher but it is not even close to doubling. I am not sure what to think. The doctor seemed to think it was fine and I see her next week for an u/s. Anyone have similar numbers and a good outcome?

Beta 9/28/11 2953 Beta 9/30/11 4212 Beta 10/6/11 7051 Beta 10/8/11 7753 M/C @ 9 weeks

Re: HCG update...not sure what to think

  • Just adding...I am not looking for anyone to sugarcoat anything. I am realistic and expecting the worst while hoping for the best. 
    Beta 9/28/11 2953 Beta 9/30/11 4212 Beta 10/6/11 7051 Beta 10/8/11 7753 M/C @ 9 weeks
  • My numbers are all in my siggy. From what I understand, once they reach a certain level (which yours seem to have reached because they're high) they stop doubling as often. Mine were doubling about 1 time in a week. I've had 5 great ultrasounds and everything seems to be on track for my pregnancy. GL! 
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  • I wouldn't worry about it.

    My OB doesn't even order bloodwork for HCG at all.  As long as you're not bleeding, cramping, etc. don't even worry about the numbers.

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  • As long as they are going up significantly that's a good sign.  It doesn't have to exactly double but rise consistently.  Your HCG levels won't start to taper off until towards the end of the first trimester.
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  • Doubling time with a beta of 1200-6000 is 72-96. Yours is 85. You're fine.
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  • Same thing happened to me at 5 weeks.  went in for ultrasound at 6 weeks to check on the baby and everything looked ok, then at 9 weeks went in again and with a transvaginal ultrasound we were able to see and hear the heartbeat, and baby was measuring right on track.  Don't worry, as my doctor says, sometimes our bodies forget to read the rule book!

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