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Should I worry? Mild spotting this AM

It was really light, but I did notice some light brown spotting today.  That was it though, nothing else.  I put it out of my head, but now I'm worried.  I also have a really bad cold so of course I'm worried now that something happened.  Should I be worried?  Is spotting normal?  I'm 5 weeks prego.  

Thanks ladies 

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Re: Should I worry? Mild spotting this AM

  • It can be. Listen to your body and call you doc if you are not comfortable with it. I have had spotting on and off. My betas are good and I got an u/s 1 1/2 weeks ago and all was well. I will find out if its still all good when I see my doc next wednesday. I had some more "brown" spotting today. 
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  • I had spotting off and on from weeks 6-9.  It was brown, which indicates old blood.  Spotting is very common in the first trimester because the cervix and vagina are very sensitive so anything and everything can and will irritate it.  However, you may want to call your doctor so she can double check just to make sure everything is all right.  Better to be safe than sorry.
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  • I also woke up with some bright red blood this morning. Not much at all... but I called the doc just to be safe cause this is my first pregnancy and I imagine I will freak out about everything lol. I'm only 4 weeks along and they said as long as the bleeding doesn't continue and isn't accompanied by cramps it should be fine. The doctor also suggested I take another test to confirm I didn't have a false positive.... Turns out everythings fine! Good luck!

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