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FUNNY OPK Test story!

Just had to share this - Dh wouldn't find it as near as funny.

 I rushed home to do an OPK before he got home from work.  So I get my cup all positioned and ready... and when I go to take it out b/c the darn lil thing was filling up fast.... I dropped it in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  UGH... nothing like fishing through the toilet for this cup.....  

End result was a Neg OPK.. not sure if it's bc i'm sure there was some water in the cup left over from the drop or not... OH WELL.. either way it was too funny.. I just had to laugh about it.

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Re: FUNNY OPK Test story!

  • at least the cup wasn't glass!  i did that a couple months ago and ended up fishing pieces of glass out of the toilet.  i'm not sure how it is so funny when something like that happens to you, but i know i was laughing a lot when that happened to me too.    =)   

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