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I just took an EPT hpt that should show a + if pg. I'm confused with reading it. If I stare at it long enough I can see the vertical line. It's almost like a shadow of a line. I've been TTC for over a year. Dont wanna get false hopes. Have signs of pg but afraid its all in my head like every other month. i am due Monday. is it normal to have the "shadowed" line when negative? does that come up on every EPT + sign test? i know faint lines are postive result but I dont know if its faint or what. help please!
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  • Do you have a picture?  Why not take another test? Or a digital?

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  • I would get a digi and retest in the am with FMU.  A shadow of a line is possibly a positive if you are testing too early, but since I don't know how many DPO you are and haven't seen your chart, it is impossible to say.
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  • Thanks! It's nice to have support on here. I ovulated on 9/19. So i am 11 DPO. I took the test mid day. I was going to retest 1st thing in the morning tomorrow. whatever that one says i'm sure will be right. fingers crossed!
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