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OT: Can I go home now??

Its 5pm...I have 2 more hours of work...but this not sleeping thing is killing me!!

The heartburn....the sleepless nights....I just wanna throw myself on the floor like a 5 year old and scream! hahaha

My boss would laugh...but no really...I am so tired.

2 hours feels like forever!!

Rant over.

Re: OT: Can I go home now??

  • Yesterday all I wanted to do was crawl under my desk.  I hope no one puts any demands on you at work for another two hours and you can sneak out a few minutes early.  
  • Sorry you still aren't sleeping, comming from the same experience of sleeping pills pre pg.  I know, Believe me I know.  The best and hardest thing you can do is NOT take a nap when you get home each day from work.  I know it sounds hard, I know it is hard, but if you wait and just take the unisom (didn't work for me) or Tylenol PM and go to bed earlier than usual, say enough to get 8-9 hours of sleep, it will work eventually but if you take a nap right after work you will not sleep at night. 

    I am sorry I hope it helps though I know how hard it is too not get sleep, especially in the first trimester, then again even know I am exausted....Hope it gets better...Indifferent

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