That's gross. Okay, I'll eat it. — The Bump
Pregnant after a Loss

That's gross. Okay, I'll eat it.

That's what I just did.  I made beef stew in a crockpot last night and my husband just reheated some for himself for dinner.  When the smell hit my nose I asked what that horrible smell was.  He said it was the beef stew in the microwave.  So naturally I asked him to heat me up a bowl too and ate every drop.  Sometimes my nose and brain can't seem to make rational decisions together.
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~Started TTC 2/09. BFP #1 11/09. EDD 8/7/10. DS born 8/7/10.~
~Surprise BFP #2 5/11 while still BF'ing. Natural M/C @ 7w3d.~
~BFP #3 8/11. EDD 4/24/12. Heavy bleeding episodes from a lost twin. DD born 4/14/12.~
~Started TTC 2/13. BFP #4 3/13. EDD 11/8/13. Hoping for smooth sailing!~

Re: That's gross. Okay, I'll eat it.

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