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HPT Frustration

So I took two FRER tests this morning and they were both positive.  I made an appointment with my obgyn over lunch and the urine test at her office was negative and she looked at me like I was crazy.  She took a blood sample and said I'll have the results on Monday. 

So I felt really stupid for getting my hopes up and DH's hopes up and decided to take 2 Clearblue digitals after the appointment, one was positive and one was negative.  Is this normal for testing at 11dpo?  Is the test at the doctor's more reliable and I should just assume the 3 positive tests were false??  tia!

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  • False positives are extremely rare. Sounds like you are probably KU.
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  • It would be rare to have a false positive twice unless you were using a blue dye test.  Sounds like you are pregnant.

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  • Wow that sounds very frustrating. From my experience I have always been told that the blood test will provide you with a definite answer as it can read even the lowest levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG. I have also heard that you will never get a false positive but it is possible to get a false negative. I hope I didn't confuse you further. Anyway my suggestion would be to wait for the test results from the doctor. Keep us updated. :) 

    Good luck and lots of baby dust. I have my fingers crossed for you! 

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  • Not all tests have the same sensitivity, actually doctor's office tests are often not the most sensitive ones. If you're definitely 11dpo, that's early to test, so not all tests will pick up the level of hcg that might be in your system. 

    If you got multiple positive results my guess would be that you are pregnant. 

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  • Doctor's tests are usually much LESS sensitive and take longer to show a positive. I personally don't make my "confirmation appts" be until I am 14 DPO or more.
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