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Possible Genetic Prob with Baby...Can I still have a Midwife?

I have an appointment with a midwife in a month but i am just wondering if you ladies have any info on this topic.

 My husband has had a kidney transplant and is doing great now but has always had kidney failure since he was a little kid. They never really said waht happened but there is the possiblility that is was genetic what happened and could be passed on to our baby.

Will this have any impact on my ability to see a midwife? Im in ontario, Canada.

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Re: Possible Genetic Prob with Baby...Can I still have a Midwife?

  • Unless it's something that could cause issues during the pregnancy and birth, I don't see why not.
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  • Ditto PP.

    If it's something that could require medical attention immediately after birth, I would go to a hospital with an OB.  If it's something that won't manifest until later, and L&D should be normal, there's no reason you can't see a MW.

    Can you get genetic testing done during your pregnancy to see if baby has it? 

  • I would think it would be okay- did your husband experience severe kidney problems immediately after birth? If so, I wouldn't consider a homebirth just in case your baby required immediate medical care after birth. However, I would imagine that the labour and delivery would be the same and that you would qualify for a midwife.
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