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Pregnant after a Loss

Posting an intro from the advice of my TTCAL'ers

Hi ladies. I wasn't sure if I was going to post on here so soon but some of my TTCAL'ers suggested it and I think it may keep me sane over the next couple weeks so I hope you'll have me. About me: I'm 31 originally from MA, moved to NC where DH is stationed. I"m a yoga instructor and Kindergarten teacher. I had a miscarriage at 10wks back in May. I'm really hoping this one sticks because we found out last night DH will almost def deploy in a few months ish.

 I had my ob appt yesterday. To check on some mid cyle spotting/ttc plans etc. The plan was blood work for hcg levels (period was about a week late with bfn's), progesterone levels and cf screening. If it the pg came back negative I was going to get something to start my period within a week, then start clomid.

I get a call from my OB today-left a msg so that she had "news". Well I pretty much knew what this meant and she finally called back later. She sounded positive about it saying the hcg was "smidge positive" 16. She's calling it by when we think I o'd about 3wks ish. She said can't really go by my period because it was kinda funny. But I ask her if we did go by that (would make me 6wksish) could with the numbers being so low it be another m/c. She said it is possible but proably not because the mc would probably be over by now. I'm still a mess about it. I looked at my prev pg notes and 3 week after m/cs my hcg were 19 now I'm allegedly 3 weeks pg and only 16. So the plan is a pelive u/s at 6 weeks. Next week I'm going in for my betas to be done a couple of times as soon as the appt lady calls me back.

I hope I get to stay and get to know you all.

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Re: Posting an intro from the advice of my TTCAL'ers

  • I just responded to your TTCAL post :) I'm glad to see you over here! All the ladies here are great at keeping me sane and I hope you can find that same reassurance! I hope you have a happy, healthy & uneventful 9 months!!
  • Congratulations! I hope those betas rise and rise!
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  • Congratulations!!! This board will definitely help you stay sane.  There are just too many emotions us PgALers go through and it is nice to have a place to open up and get advice.  I have my fingers crossed for you and hope everything goes well.  Wishing you H&H 9 months.
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  • YOGI!  Welcome to PGAL!  I'm happy to see you over here.  FX that your betas next week double and that you're here for a long 9 months!  Congrats!
  • **lurking**

     You're in my t&ps!!! I must have missed your post on the ttcal board; I was excited to see you posting here. :) GL!! 

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  • Congrats! I am glad to see you over here and hope you get to stay!
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  • yay yogi!!!! so glad to see you over here!!!! 

    sending you TONS of beta dust :) 

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    lost both heartbeats and emergency d&c at 7 weeks
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  • Thanks for the warm welcome. I love that there's a safe place for us to go and keep each other from climbing the walls.
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  • Congrats!!  Take a seat! 
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  • So glad to see you over here!!! FX for doubling betas!
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  • Congrats!  I hope it's smooth sailing from here until the end for you. :)
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  • Congrats and welcome! All the best for a H&H nine months :) Lots of good thoughts headed your way for these stressful 'wait and see' days.
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     I knew you would be over here soon!! Congrats!

  • Congrats and Welcome!! FX that your betas double :)
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  • Sending positive thoughts your way that this is your sticky baby!
  • Congrats!  I hope your betas rise and you get to stay here for a long time!
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    PGS results = 6 normal embryos (4 boys, 2 girls)
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    Natural FET 11/4/15 = BFP!
    Beta 9dp5dt = 92

  • My first betas were 28.6 at 12 dpo, which was well within the range of normal for that dpo.  Since you aren't sure when you ovulated, I wouldn't worry about your number being too low just yet.  As you know from hanging around here, its the doubling that matters anyway.  Wink  Also, depending on how the lab ran your bloodwork, how recently they calibrated their machine, etc, the numbers could also be off a bit.  (During my m/c, they ran the same sample twice and the betas I got back were off by over 200 mius!)  

    All of that to say, CONGRATS!!!!!  You are definitely pregnant!  Big Smile  Sending lots of doubling dust and hoping you are here for the long haul! 

    TTC since January 2010
    BFP 5/9/10. U/S - no heartbeat 6/2/10 (7 weeks). Induced miscarriage 6/7/10.
    Chemical pregnancies 12/2/10, 1/3/11, and 2/7/11.
    dx: RPL due to poor quality uterine lining; begin progesterone January 2011
    BFP 3/10/11. EDD 11/19/11. E arrived 11/15/11!

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  • YAY! Glad more girls from ttcal are coming over.
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    Clomid 50mg BFP #2 09/21/11 EDD 05/29/11 Chemical Pregnancy 10/4/11

    BFP #3 4/19/13 Beta1- 106 Beta2- 524 Beta3- 3500 EDD 12/22/13 LO born 12/31/13

  • welcome and congrats, and lots of doubling beta dust to you!

    Another blogger! My Life in Transition.

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  • Woohoo!!  So glad to see you over here...congrats!  Stick baby stick!

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  • Welcome and congrats! Glad to see you over here.
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  • Congrats! So happy to see you over here :) Sending many positive vibes your way that your betas continue to rise and you have a very uneventful H&H9 here!!!
  • Congrats to you!!

    Based on xnbride's words: I don't put a whole lot of stock into betas anymore...  My 2nd pregnancy had textbook betas and I m/c, this pregnancy had very wonky betas in the beginning (see siggy), and so far (praying it continues) things are looking Great!

    U/S tech told me that 20% of betas are NOT textbook... FYI.

  • Congratulations and Welcome!

    I hope a happy and healthy nine months to you!

    I know it can be very scary to be PgAL. We are here to help keep you on the right thought path! You know that saying "mind fetus" well, I totally believe there is a "neg symptom phantom" out there that tootally screws with PgAL brains. A lot of girls on here take hpt to help keep them sane - but that didn't work for me! lol! What worked was taking it day by day - remembering that today I am pregnant and love my baby. Time will go by, you WILL get your pelvic sono and a picture. The picture helped me beause I was able to look at it several times a day to remind me of hearing the heartbeat. *hugs* I hope an uneventful stay for you!

  • Congrats and welcome!! H&H 9 months!
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    PgAL/PAL welcome
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