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MY Boss just surprised me!

So I have been working for this company off and on for about 4 years. I got laid off the first time after 8 months when the original company i was working for got bought out. They turned around and brought me back on 3 months later as a contract employee, Then after 6 months they laid me off again. after not working for them almost 2 years they offered me a permanent spot but only part time. Well today my boss emailed me asking if I would like to go full time. I was shocked because it was 2 weeks after i got back we found out i was pregnant and im almost 22 weeks now. She said that i am doing such a great job they want me as much as they can while im here and then it will qualify me for full benefits which is a plus. This has been a good day i would have to say. I just wanted to tell someone i am so excited

Re: MY Boss just surprised me!

  • Congratz!! Nice to hear some good news!
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  • That's awesome. Congrats!
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  • Yay!!! Keep up the good work.  Sounds like they appreciate all your effort!
  • Wonderful news, especially in this economy! It's must feel great to know that your hard work is so greatly appriciated!
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  • Very Awesome!  Congratulations! 
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  • Congrats!!! that's great news!
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  • Yay!  What a great surprise!  Congrats!!


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  • today was the first day full time and i am exhausted already lol. 2.5 more hours then i get to go home to my lil princess and cuddle she has fallen for Yo Gabba Gabba. My husband and i are starting to loose our minds lol.
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