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I'm new at this and I have a lawyer who hasn't explained the reasoning behind it yet and I know the laws everywhere are different (I'm in California), BUT I want to get your perspective.

 On the child support paperwork, my lawyer has stated that I want the daycare cost and health insurance cost to be 50/50. 

My STBXH has a 6 figure salary and I'm currently living on unemployment. Why would she ask for only 50/50? 

 Shouldn't there be some kind of guideline based on each person's income? 

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Re: 50/50

  • Are you unemployed because you want to be? Were you laid off? Are you looking for a job? If you are able to work, please do. 

    I don't have any other advice except get a job, but my EX is on unemployment and we split medical expenses 50/50 now.  Why are you asking for daycare costs if you are unemployed? Are you unable to take care of your child? I guess I need more information. 

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  • I'm on unemployment because my company down-sized and I got laid off. And, yes I'm looking for a job...are you going to hire a 9 month pregnant woman? I don't plan on being unemployed forever so yes, I'm asking for daycare because I don't want to continuously go to court for each thing and would rather just take care of it all together now vs. later when I'm busy catering to a newborn and hopefully working full-time.
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  • In my order my LO's father is required to have the health insurance. He pays 60% of daycare plus a percentage of his pay for the actual child support part. They wouldn't figure in the cost of daycare until he was actually in it. So when I was home on maternity leave I only got the child support amount and then it went up when I went back to work.
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  • Most states have child support calculators ( ) and 50/50 on child care and insurance is pretty standard.

    I would think you would also want it reasonable now - or otherwise the instant you are employed he can petition to reduce his payments due to your change of financial circumstances.

    Some of the things your talking about re: income disparity will be more appropriately addressed in alimony and spousal support.  Not child support.

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