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X-ray while pg

Anyone have to have an X-ray while pg?  I'm freaking out about it.  I've been having problems breathing for 2.5 weeks now.  At first they thought it was just a bad cold but nothing I could take was working.  Then I thought maybe I had bronchitis again.  But today my OB thought I might be getting pneumonia and sent me to get a chest X-ray.  They double shielded my belly but I am FREAKING out about it!  Please remind me my OB wouldn't have sent me to get one if she didn't think it was necessary and it out-weighted the risks.
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Re: X-ray while pg

  • I am sure it is fine. They probably know the risk of you having pneumonia undetected would be worse than an x-ray. I've always found Blue Ridge to be pretty conservative.

    They would not have sent you if it was not safe. My sister had to have an x-ray and a kidney stone operation while pregnant (it was that bad) and she had a perfectly healthy baby. I hope you are feeling better soon..did they figure out what it was?




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  • Im sure everything is fine. they wouldn't put you and baby at risk if it was really harmful. Esp. since they double protected you. I had a friend who have to have eitehr kindey stone or gallbladder surgery while pregnant and i'm pretty sure had xrays before that and her baby was and is perfectly fine. But i would worry too if i was u just because we are moms and thats what moms do!! hugs!! hope u get some relief soon!
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  • I had a mammogram very early in pregnancy- all is well.  My brother is a radiologist and said it is not as big of a deal as its made out to be if you're just having imaging on part of your body- I suppose an MRI would be something that might not be recommended.
  • Thanks gals!  This makes me feel better. I'll "try" not to worry about it.  :P  At least we have our anatomy scan next Friday so I'll get to see how she/he is doing.
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  • One Xray is fine. . .even several or one CT is fine. It's more about cumulative radiation during pregnancy; and worse earlier on in the pregnancy. Shielding the abdomen works great. I had my foot and ankle xrayed after a bad fall 2 weeks ago and was shielded. No worries. Hope you feel better!


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