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Honestly I love BBB, they are always super friendly and helpful but this is making me crazy. We ordered a Little Castle recliner at the beginning of July and was told 8-10 weeks for delivery which I was totally fine with because at that point I had super anxiety we were even ordering furniture. Fast forward to now...the end of 11 weeks from ordering and the chair was still not on today's shipment. Another truck doesn't come until mid next week....12 weeks from ordering. I know little man isn't here yet and this isn't that big of a deal but after our shower I'm having a hard time organizing everything bc it's still a bit up in the air where the chair goes and if I'm being totally honest I just want the friggin chair!!!!! I know big big problems....:(
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Re: BBB vent/whine

  • I love BBB too but I also feel like they just aren't as efficient as BRU. Things are always going out of stock, or are on backorder, and it got too frustrating so we ordered ours glider from Target.

    I hope your chair gets there soon!

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  • Ugh...You would think ordering it that early there would be no question that it would be here in time.  I hope it comes soon for you.
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  • I hate when crap like that happens.  When we ordered DS's nursery furniture from a local baby furniture store, it came a week late, then they had a 2 week wait to schedule the delivery and assembly, then the front and left side rail of the crib were a different color!  A month later they shipped us one replacement piece in the mail, which they weren't supposed to do because the store was supposed to hold it until they had both pieces then send the assembling guys back.  The other piece just never came.  When DS was a month old I finally wrote a threatening email that i was going to call the Better Bus Bur on them if I didn't get some answers by the end of that week.  The owner called me the next day, said someone dropped the ball somewhere because his paperwork said it was already resolved.  They guys came back a week later, switched out for the new parts and let us keep the old ones just in case.
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