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How often does/did your 1 month old eat?

I don't have to wake DD to eat anymore, but I feel like she's going too long between feedings.  She's BF, and even though I was told I don't have to, I still try to stir her every 3 hours to eat.  I'm afraid if I don't, she'll either wake more to eat at night, or just not get enough to eat during the day.  But if she's napping, she'll easily go 4+ hours sometimes.  Should I just trust her and let her be?  I know it's important for her to get her sleep too.  I have no idea how much she's eating when she nurses.

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Re: How often does/did your 1 month old eat?

  • We FF, so this might not apply to you, but our pediatrician told us to wake him if he's still sleeping every 4 hours during the day, but let him sleep as long as he wants to at night. We haven't had him want to sleep longer than 4 hours in one spurt yet though, so I haven't had to make that call. GL!

  • Every 1-1.5 hours, both when I was BFing and now that I am FFing. He is 6 weeks old. Started on formula at 4 weeks.
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  • I let DS sleep about 3 hrs or so then I wake him to eat.  I'm not sure if this is the "norm", but I want him to get enough because since I'm nursing I can't tell how much he's getting and I don't feel like it's that much.  It seems to be about when he'd want to eat anyways, but at night I don't wake him and he will go 4-5 hrs between feedings.  In my personal opinion, 4 hrs would be fine, but I wouldn't go much longer than that at this age just bc they still need that nutrition, and I wouldn't want him to get dehydrated. 

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  • We BF and LO seems to have a watch hidden somewhere because he wakes up every 1 3/4 - 2 hours almost to the minute all pissed off and hungry. Even at night. Fun times.
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  • I BF about every hour.
  • I pump and supplement with formula, so I know how much my LO is getting, but I don't really keep track anymore. He lets me know when he's hungry, and I feed him. He's putting on weight and he's decently happy. If your DD isn't getting enough to eat, she'll let you know; it's kinda a baby thing, lol. I say trust her. Babies are pre-programmed to tell you when they want something, so I don't see why you shouldn't just let her do her thing. My DS is a month and a half and he already sleeps through the night and stays awake all day. It's a schedule he set on his own and he seems to like it, and it works just fine for me. Experiment. Find out what she prefers, and if it doesn't work for you, you can tweak it from there.

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  • After DS reached his birthweight, I stopped waking him. My dr and the LC both said that as long as he was getting his 8-12 feedings in a 24 hour period, it was fine.

    He normally has 8 feedings per day. Twice now he's only had 7, but made up for it the next day with 9-10 feedings.

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