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What should I expect at my frist appointment?

I'm 8 weeks today and have my first appointment on the 10th of October. What should I expect? Do they give you a sonogram or an ultrasound? Do they do blood work then?

Re: What should I expect at my frist appointment?

  • pee in a cup (and every appt after that)

    BP, weight, vitals

    they will probably order blood work (cbc, hiv, etc)

    They may or may not do an ultrasound.  Some docs do for dating, some only do the anatomy scan at 20 weeks....it also depends on your insurance (some will only pay for one ultrasound)

    and they will give you info (what to expect, what to avouid, etc) and answer questions

  • Yup, everything hollyg said. At mine I got a pap done since I was overdue for that.
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  • They'll probably get a health history from you, draw blood, and have you pee in a cup.  They might do a pelvic exam and I had a pap too since I was due for one.  The u/s will depend on the office you go too.  Some do a lot while others don't do them unless medically necessary.  They might also try to listen to the baby's hb with a doppler but it could be too early to find it.  We were able to hear it at a few days shy of 10 weeks and I was pleasantly surprised.

    ETA: I just wanted to add that I've only ever had abdominal u/s.  They've always been able to see everything without needing to do it vaginally, even with my early u/s at 6 weeks 3 days and 8 weeks.

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  • All of what the lovely ladies already posted. My doc doesnt do u/s at 1st appt. We will do b/w, exam, pap, etc. Good luck!
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  • Yep just like the others have said. Pee in a cup for confirmation of pregnancy, check weight, check blood pressure, check vitals, breathing, tummy check, pap smear is done especially so that the doc can see how big your cervix is and if you are far enough along for an ultrasound. Usually a transvaginal ultrasound is done for your first ultrasound. It basically looks like a dildo. Sorry to be so blunt! lol. I had no idea they did those so I did not expect that at all hahaha! I was able to see the flicker of heartbeat on the screen and the sound of it as well. Pics are given. Pregnancy packets are given as well as samples of prenatals. and done!
  • At my OB:

    pulse/blood pressure, weight check, vaginal ultrasound to confirm pregnancy, and they give the orders for bloodwork which I go to a lab to have drawn.

    oh, and he also goes over what to eat/not to eat, exercise, and gives pamphlets about the optional screenings (Down Syndrome, and Cystic fibrosis)

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  • Urine sample, weight check, doppler, u/s.
    due april 10th :))
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