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Question for you First Tri Ladies

Did you get any period like cramping or feel exactly like your period was coming before you got a BFP? Just curious, of course hoping for my BFP :)
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Re: Question for you First Tri Ladies

  • Yep.  I went to the bathroom in the morning 100% expecting to see my period.  When it wasn't there, I took a test and it was positive. 
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  • imagecharmschool:
    Yep.  I went to the bathroom in the morning 100% expecting to see my period.  When it wasn't there, I took a test and it was positive. 


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  • I had that with DD but not with this pregnancy.  Good luck!
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  • thats exactly how i felt and i even had extremely light spotting thinking my period was starting but it barely filled a regular tampon then it never came back.  Took a HPT 4 days later and got a BFP =)  Good luck!
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  • Yes, I had lots of cramping in the days leading up to the BFP.
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  • I didn't experience any cramping but everyone is different.


    Good luck!! Smile

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  • Nope- sorry.  GL- hope you get your BFP.

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  • I sure did. The cramps were actually worse then normal AF cramps. I had one cramp so bad I shut up off the sofa and doubled over. My DH was wondering WTF was wrong with me. I thought every morning, today AF will come. Finally got a BFP on 18DPO. Not sure why I waited so long to POAS, guess I thought I was getting AF with all the cramps, But usually for me AF cramps start 1-2 days before and are moderate so in retrospect the frequency of the cramps and severity was a big difference for me.
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  • imagecharmschool:
    Yep.  I went to the bathroom in the morning 100% expecting to see my period.  When it wasn't there, I took a test and it was positive. 
    This for me too! GL!!
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  • It's different for everyone.  I didn't have any cramping before BFP with either of my pregnancies.  Good luck!
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  • About a week after I got my BFP I was having cramping as if I would get my period. I looked it up on the interenet and it could be your uterus stretching.

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  • I ran to the bathroom for 5 days in a row once AF was due expecting to see my period.  Never happened.  I think about 3 days after AF was due, I started to become suspicious.  I'm quick on the uptake.  Just kidding.  I just didn't really believe I was pregnant cause we'd barely been trying!
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  • Yes!  The day before my BFP I swore my period was coming, cramps and bloating.
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  • with DS -yes before BFP

    this LO: i am now, but its after i got my BFP, i didnt before

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  • like another post I didn't get cramping until a week after I was late.  I just felt off.  its the only way i can describe it.  I was 5 days late when i finally tested but I knew just because I was feeling so strange.  GL!

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  • Yes I had cramps the day I was supposed to get my period!  Took the test 3 days later, and it was positive!! I still do have some cramping and I am about 6 weeks along. Good luck!
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  • I had cramps, bloating, spotting, sore boobs - all my normal PMS symptoms. Then after 9 days I decided to test. I really just kept thinking I was going to get it. Being late was normal for me.

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  • Yep, lot's of cramping 3 days prior, bloating, sore boobs. I still have the sore boobs, a few mild cramps here and there, and i'm very bloated.  I think every woman tolerates pregnancy differently, but from what I've read online and in a few books, cramping is common and normal

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  • Yes, I tested at 12dpo and it was negative.  I had cramps all day so I was sure that AF was on her way.  I tested again at 14dpo and got a positive. 
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  • I have been having cramps for about four days now. I got my BFP yesterday. I have been reading a lot about them and apparently they are normal, but they scare me all the same! I'm just a bit stressed about everything since it's my first pregnancy. I'm glad to see that others have them too! I keep fearing I'm going to get my period!
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  • Definitely felt like my period was going to come, but I experienced "pms" symptoms much earlier than I normally do, so I thought something might be up =).
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  • My first 2 pregnancies yes. I thought for sure my period was coming and had spotting with my second pregnancy through first tri every 4 weeks. This pregnancy I have had nothing at all.
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  • totally. Thought I was starting my period and even gave it a couple days to start... When it didn't I was like "wait a min!?!?"
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