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Chart Stalk - Cross hair

When will i  and what is a cross hair in the FF chart?
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Re: Chart Stalk - Cross hair

  • Not entirely sure what you are asking.  You will get CHs once FF can confirm that you O'ed - solid CHs if FF is certain, dotted CHs if FF is skeptical (because all of your signs don't line up, there is not enough info, or if your temp shift is not especially clear).  Based on your chart and CM, it is very possible that you are O'ing today or will tomorrow.  Do you have other O symptoms?  Do you use OPKs?

  • Thanks for the responce. Nope, i do not use OPKs - yet.
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  • It looks like you should get them in 3-4 days if your temp goes up and stays up. Based on your CM and temp you could be Oing now. 



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