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Just joining in on the fun!

Hello ladies!!! This is my first post here. As of today I am 7 weeks and just dying to tell everyone. But hubby and I have decided to wait unill at least Halloween. So I hope I can talk to everyone here in the meantime, and as my pregnancy progresses. So far the symptoms I've experienced are sore breasts, super human smell, extreme PMS and teenage like acne....yay! But no morning sickness so I can't really complain!

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Re: Just joining in on the fun!

  • Congrats & welcome!! 
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  • Welcome and good luck :)

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  • Hello there! Congratulations on your little one. I don't have any morning sickness either and I hope I wont have to experience it :)
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  • Hi there.  I am also 7 weeks today!    We haven't told anyone yet either,  I have my first appointment on Oct. 11.  I will likely tell my mom after that, but will swear her to secrecy until after the first trimester.
  • JenJoe-->My first appointment is also on October 11th....weird! haha we have told our parents and siblings but thats it, we didnt want to right away but we couldn't hold it in!

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