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Question on mother's rooms at fed offices

hi ladies, I'm a contractor but I have to go to a fed building for a full-day meeting.  I don't think the meeting coordinator particularly cares (or is doing anything about) my question about needing access to a mother's room, so I wanted to follow up on my own.  Who would I contact to find out if I can access whatever room they may have?  Also, at my company we call it a mother's room, but do you all call it something else? 

I'm starting at the agency's help desk, but I think that might only be IT related.  any help is much appreciated!!

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Re: Question on mother's rooms at fed offices

  • Maybe someone in facilities? or HR?

    I've heard it called Lactation Room. We only have one building (out of the many fed buildings we occupy) that has one and it just came about this year.

    It's very possible that the building does not have one. Plenty of fed buildings don't. I would look into reserving an empty conference room or office if they don't have one.


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  • yikes, thanks for the info, I guess I've been spoiled!  I've been trying to find a facilities contact for the office but can't - I'll try HR, thanks for the tip! 
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  • Ask for the Health Unit in most federal buildings and they will have a lactation room.
  • Ours is called a Lactation Room and I think it's managed by the "quality of life" office. But I don't know if every agency has one of those.

    On the off chance that you're going to the agency where I work, you could PM me where you're going. I know it's a long shot, but you never know.

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  • Lactation room..

    Ditto the rec to call the health unit or h.r.  I don't think many of the agencies have a "quality of life" office.

    Also PM me... I may be able to help you figure out who/where to contact, depending on the agency. 

  • I too am a contractor and was able to use the lactation room at the FSI this past week. I contacted the Registrar and they gave me the door code. It was much easier than I expected once I found the right person to talk to.
  • In Commerce, it's called the "Mother's Room" and is run by the health unit. Any mother visiting the building is allowed to use it. You don't need permission ahead of time.
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  • Thanks ladies - the meeting got moved to next week so at least I have more time to figure it out! 
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