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Baptism dresses

Any suggestions on where to shop for baptism dresses?  I'm baptizing both my daughters, ages 3 months and 16 months soon, and I'm having trouble finding dresses.  I'd like to be able to go into a store to get the dress instead of ordering it online sight unseen.  I want them to match and finding dresses that come in both sizes is difficult.  I've only seen dresses at BRU and Sears.  Any place else I can try?


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Re: Baptism dresses

  • I've seen them at Pennys before too.
  • I just saw some at Burlington.  And if you have a Strasburg in your area then you may want to look.  My mom just found DD's for $60 and it was regular $200.
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  • Sears and Penny's has dresses.  I got mine from a local baby store.
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  • Macys is only selling online now, but you can return in store if needed.
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  • We got our baptism outfit from sears!!  
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