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Change in stool (LO is FF)

Hi all, 2 days ago, at the recommendation of LO's pedi, we changed her formula from 1/2 Enfamil AR & 1/2 Enfamil Regular to 1/2 Enfamil AR & 1/2 Enfamil Gentlease. Today her stool (which is typically yellowish and pasty) was a medium-sized ball of clay that was a mixture of olive green and forest green (swirls of those 2 colors). Should I be worried?
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Re: Change in stool (LO is FF)

  • I noticed this same change in DS's stool when I changed him from regular to gentlease. My pedi said it's normal.

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  • When DS switched from similac sensitive his poo was yellowish.  It switched to army green color almost immediately after switching to gentlease.

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