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Eeek, my boss just got a txt from me...

that was meant for someone else!  It is the weirdest thing.  On my phone it says I replied to my friend, but my boss sees the message on his phone.  Their names are nowhere near each other in my contacts list.  It was a very short and innocent message, but what if the next one is not?!?  Omg, this is not good!
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Re: Eeek, my boss just got a txt from me...

  • Oh man... that could have been real bad!
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  • Yikes!!! That's creepy!
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  • Oh my. I had it happen once and thankfully it never happened again.
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  • Whaaat!?  That's crazy. 
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  • That's crazy! I'd be scared to text again!
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  • I'm always worried about that!  After I write a message I scroll back up and recheck who it was addressed it. My phone better not ever lie to me!  Yikes!
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  • Indifferent  Thank god it was innocent! But, still, why your boss of all people!?
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  • I once got a text from a complete stranger that said,

    "Not everyone is like you!  Just because I want to go on vacation with my friends, it doesn't mean I'm going to cheat on you!  You are the one who has been fooling around with the strippers since before we met!  You never changed after we got married!"

    I'm very curious what happened after that...:D

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  • Yikes! Super scary! From now on, only talk about how much you love your job in text messages... Stick out tongue
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  • Whoa, that is very weird. How could that even happen?
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