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Going to a wedding and need help!!

Ok so.. Im going out to Cali for a wedding next week and I bought a black and white maxi dress and I need help making it more "dressy" Should I add a belt? sweater? heals? no heals?

The shoes are really stumping me... Not sure what would look right with the dress.. Im 5 ft 5 inches so a little on the short side and my DH is 6 ft so I tend to wear heals  but not sure if it would look right with a maxi dress 

If you can help me with ideas or pics of what has worked for you I would really appreciate it!! 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Going to a wedding and need help!!

  • Maxi dresses are tough.  I tend not to wear heels with them, but fancier flats.  Maybe you can dress it up with the way you do your hair and makeup instead of accesories.  I don't know how much you are showing, but I would stay away from a belt with the dress, it might make you look short and wide...
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  • If you wear lots of beautiful jewelry, make up, and do your hair really special, I think the maxi dress will be perfect! I do this all the time, even before I was pregnant!
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  • I agree, no belt unless you want to accentuate that beautiful bump.  If you wanted to wear heals I would go with a dressy pair of wedges before I did pumps.  Plenty of bangles or a cuff, fancy hair and make-up and a depending on the print of the dress I would do either a statement necklace or statement earrings.  A busy print doesn't need big earrings or big necklaces. 

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  • I went to a wedding last weekend and needed to dress up black dress pants and maternity shirt. I borrowed a fascinator from a friend and think that did the trick. I also wore some long necklaces but add to take them off as my toddler tried to choke me with them.
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