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Question on convertible seats with 2 door

Any certain kind that work well for you?

 Has anyone actually even done this (OK I know it's probably been done...)

But how much of a PITA is it really?  The car I normally take to work is a 2 door accord, and DH usually takes our 4 door cavalier because FIL used to drive it and it's full of smoke and its pretty disgusting.  I'm just wondering if I should try to have that car deep cleaned so we can put the convertible seat in that instead of the accord.

Buying a new car isn't really an option....I also have a VW beetle that I'm trying to get rid of because the transmission went out...and I'm still making payments on.  I doubt a convertible seat will fit in that.  Then if it does, we can't all three fit.  I just want a car that the three of us fit safely in and that too much to ask lol?

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Re: Question on convertible seats with 2 door

  • My husband did it for 4 years with our oldest and a crappy Pontiac Sunfire.  Now that we're just about to move our second to the convertible seat though, we bought a new car for him last weekend that's a 4 door.  With just one, the seat was in the middle and he'd basically climb in and buckle her in.  But I had no idea how he was going to strap the baby in rear-facing in a convertible seat when there were two seats back there.
  • I had a MINI Cooper.

    We used a Britax Marathon at first and then switched to a Combi Zeus 360 (it swivels so you put the kid in FF and then turn them around).

    It can be done, though it's not the most convenient.

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