halloween costume for ME question ...

Malia is going to be Tink and Ethan is Peter Pan. My mom is making the costumes. M REALLY wants my h and i to dress up too - we've never dressed up in the past. H would be Hook and the best i can come up with is Wendy.

I'm not usually easily embarassed by doing this type of stuff (esp. if it's for the kids) but ... idk ... would i look completely like, "um, who is the grown lady in a long blue nightgown/dress??"

  Wendy helps Peter out with reattaching his shadow

my mom could make it and overall the costume is simple. i'd only dress up to TOT (which is just a few houses in our hood) and maybe at a small kiddie hween party held at my house.


Ethan {1.11.10} & Malia {12.28.06}

Re: halloween costume for ME question ...

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