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is it a baby bump or bloat?

so im 11 weeks and i feel huge i wasnt the smallest person to start off with and ive noticed around my waist line my pants are getting a little snug this is my 1st baby and alot of people say that i look pregnant and some people say ehh its just bloat how about you guys? did any of you start to show at 11 weeks with your 1st baby??

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Re: is it a baby bump or bloat?

  • I started maternity clothes around 10 weeks with DD, and now I look back at photos and think it's funny because what I thought was a baby bump may have been bump or may have been bloat, but I thought it was huge and I did not look pregnant at all!  Have fun with it and take a picture of your bump/bloat so you can look back at it at 36 weeks and wonder what you were thinking.
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  • At 11 weeks it's probably just bloat since everything is still contained in your pelvis.  I didn't get a tiny bump with my first until 21 weeks and I'm not showing at all yet with this pregnancy.
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  • I was showing by 12 weeks with my first pregnancy... I was pretty small then and all of my normal pants didn't fit anymore so I started wearing bigger sizes and maternity pants around then also.
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  • You might notice the change but no one else will really notice you pop until closer to 20 weeks.  Its just bloat right now.
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  • most likely, just bloat.  With my first, I found that once I got to the point where it was uncomfortable to lay on my stomach, that was when it was true baby bump, which for me was at 15-16 weeks.

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  • It's probably just bloat, but if you're uncomfortable, bring on the maternity pants! haha. I "popped" at 19 weeks with my DS:



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