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headbands & pee smell help

2 random, not connected questions for this beautiful afternoon (and unfortunately I have to post and run, my parents are coming over soon and I need to do the dishes)...

1. Does anyone have any tips for getting the pee smell out of bedding/stuffed animals? Ellie's been stripping out of her dipes and peeing in the middle of the night, then sleeping in it...by the time I get to it in the morning, that stench is pretty well absorbed. Regular wash isn't doing it.

2. Any ideas where I can get toddler sized headbands?

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Re: headbands & pee smell help

  • I'm glad they aren't connected questions.  ;)

    You can use a product like Bac-Out or Nature's Miracle to help with the pee.  I add Bac-Out to my cloth diaper wash and also use it on those little "accidents" my dogs are so good at lately.

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  • Bedding I wash with regular Tide on hot and it seems to get out everything, pee smells, spilled milk smell, vomit. Stuffed animals I'd put in a pillow case in the wash.

    WalMart has toddler sized headbands.


  • carter's & stride rite both have toddler headbands. I imagine you can find tons on etsy as well. No advice on the laundry situation!
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  • no help with the pee..sorry

    not sure if you like these but today


    at kidsteals!

  • ok, who else thought it said "Husbands and pee smell" ???  lol.  I did!
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  • I use http://www.gotpee.net/ for everything (even our memory foam pillows that can't be washed.  It's more concentrated than the other enzymatic cleaners and is awesome.  
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