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2nd Trimester

Braxton Hicks?

This is my second pregnancy and I did not feel, or didn't know I was feeling any Braxton Hicks the first time around. This time however, I have experienced a tightening feeling in my upper/mid abdomen that will last 15 seconds or so. Are these Braxton Hicks? I assumed if I felt any it would be in my lower abdomen.
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Re: Braxton Hicks?

  • I just asked my OB this question on weds. He said I'd feel them in the front and toward the center of my abs.  He said that contractions tend to wrap around and are felt more in the back. If you feel pressure with the tightening you should call to be safe. Smile
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  • Sounds more like crampy from lack of water to me (and yes, I had BH with my son).
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  • I didn't have BH until about 25 weeks with my first pregnancy.  This time around, they started at 12 weeks.  To me, they feel like my stomach flips and then tightens right below my belly button..then releases.  My doc didn't seem worried, and I'm on pre-term labor watch b/c of issues with my last pregnancy.  Always call to be safe if you're not sure, but from what I understand they can be normal, even this early on.  GL! 

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