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****Blessings & Battles****

what were you blessed with this week!~?

What did you struggle with through out the week?

As always it doesn't have to be SAH related- just anything that happened over the week.

Happy Friday everyone!

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Re: ****Blessings & Battles****

  • I mostly lurk, but I'd love to jump in :) nothing really SAH related this week.

    I was blessed with great news from th dr.

    I struggled with being ready to let LO sleep in his own room. (starting tonight)

    Happy friday!

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  • Battles:

    -Our insurance company for our truck that rolled over....they're being a**hats.  They are offering nowhere near what the truck was worth and insured for.  P*sses me off as receipts were faxed to them and so much custom stuff was done to it.  The whole thing is a joke.  I have no idea what the purpose of insurance is when they just turn around and screw you.

    -Lately DD#1 has gotten this sense of entitlement where she thinks that things should just cater to her needs and wants with little regard to whether or not she actually deserves it.  

    -I'm helping my cousin move tomorrow.  It's going to suck because she's leaving the house she lived in with my aunt (her mom) who unexpectedly passed away in July.  This will be the first time that I have been there since she died and I'm not sure how I'll handle it.  I know my cousin needs to move on and she is struggling with it too but she can't afford it on her own. There are so many memories there.....


    -Some new found ambition.  Given that our "office" is currently our kitchen island, it is ALWAYS covered in something.  It's the catch-all and I hate it:(  This week I have been whittling it down bit by bit just because I feel like it.  It'll be nice to open the patio door and not have papers fly everywhere.

    -Yesterday I came home to all of IL's trucks and trailers GONE from our yard.  I was/am so happy:) 

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  • Blessings: DD turned 3 this week. She happy and healthy. She had a great birthday. My mom and dad and my grandma came to visit which was a blessing and battle.  DS is doing really well in preschool. His teachers said he is finally opening up and talking to them and the other kids more which is good. It takes him a while to adjust to new situations. His allergy medicine finally came in the mail(we have to mail in prescriptions for our insurance) and he is feeling better which I think has helped at school as well.

    Battles: I have had 2 migraines this week which sucks. Yesterday was really bad(blurry vision, light and sound were killing me). Taking care of 2 kids like that is not fun. DD had her 3yr check up this week which was awful. She hates the doctor and has since she was 15months. She cried the whole time and I had to hold her while the doctor checked her. 


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  • Battles: trying to get myself together - trying to be kind and patient and loving with myself - trying to figure out exactly what my deal is lately - trying to balance work and home - trying to not bring the emotional side of my job home. I've been an unbalanced mess since this school year started after months of balanced zen-ness.  But it seems like I am making progress.

    Blessings: that really faint line that I just literally 15 minutes ago.  I'm only 10 DPO and shouldn't have tested!  I'm not convinced it will stick - have a pretty bad track record lately - but for this moment, I am excited about the idea of a June baby and that DH and I get to celebrate our anniversary this weekend having this little bit of information.  I also have a list a mile long of additional blessings, but this one is trumping them all for the moment. 

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