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Weekend Plans?

What is everyone up to this weekend?

Re: Weekend Plans?

  • We are attending a picnic at DD preschool tomorrow early evening.  I may get some alone time to meet up with an old friend who is in town for a drink.  Have to work all day Sat.  Sunday taking it easy...most likely gym, grocery shopping, and some family tv time :)
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  • Shocker- DH is working.ALL.WEEKEND.LONG. sucks- Like it isn't hard enough he works 12+hr days during the week- and then work all weekend long. Blech.

    I am taking the kids to the farm/pumpkin patch on Saturday to pick apples and pumpking- Saturday afternoon/night we are having some friends over with their kids for college football & apple pie. - Sat LATE in the evening- well after the kids are in bed- date night with DH. Movie and a late dinner.

    Sunday- taking the kids to turn by myself, And then probably taking them to the children's museum or the zoo. And Sunday dinner- I am having friends and their kids over.

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  • Tonight is up in the air with nothing planned.

    Tomorrow Parker has Ballet while I'm at the gym.  Then after naps DH and I will drop off the girls at my dad's for a sleepover.  DH and I are planning to go out to dinner and maybe a movie.  I'm also hoping to get some sewing done, and I'm sure DH has stuff he wants to do outside.

    Sunday we're hoping to head to some friends' house to see a college friend who is supposed to be visiting.  After that we're headed to my dad's for dinner and to get the girls. 

  • Tonight we are going out to dinner with my family.  DD is spending the night with my mom and DH and I are probably going out to a bar or something.  Tomorrow I plan on sleeping in, going out to lunch, and doing a little bit of shopping before picking DD up.

    DH has to work Sunday.  I plan on getting a lot of deep cleaning done.  My allergies have been horrible lately, so I am going to steam clean all of the carpets and clean the drapes.

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  • We don't have anything excitng going on this weekend. We are going to be packing up all the summer stuff and bringing out Fall/Winter stuff. I'm guessing we have 30 days or less before snow starts to pop up in the weather man's vocab.

    I know we're going out to watch the Huskers on Sat night, and eat fried pickles! So that is the highlight of my weekend.

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  • We're happy to be able to spend the first weekend in about 6 weeks together! DH has been working so much, and there has been a wedding he was in - so I really didn't see him much at all - and a funeral the next week, where we really didn't have time to connect much with each other. Between then, we both were sick with strep throat and DH quarantined himself in part of the house so as not to get DS sick.

    Sooo, tonight we're going on our first date in FOREVER (still bringing DS, but at least we'll be out) and then going to go buy an entertainment center for the living room! La la la la la la la!

    Tomorrow we're helping close friends who just bought a house to de-wallpaper their kitchen and living area.

    I'm so looking forward to seeing my hubby for more than 4 hours at a time in the day! 

  • We are going to family fun Fridays this is the last one but they have activities for the kids and then a movie at dark and this weeks movie is tangled. As for the rest of the weekend nothing :(. DH has too much work to do for work and school so we won't be doing anything but hanging out at home as always.
  • Tonight - Night one in sleep training DS1 for what will hopefully be the last time.  DH and I and DS1 will probably eat dinner and then snuggle on the couch for a family movie.

    Saturday -  DH and I are taking the boys to a pumpkin festival in my hometown with my parents. 

    Sunday - Relax, watch football and get ready for the upcoming week. 

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  • Hanging out tonight.

    Can't decide between suite tickets to a play off baseball game or dinner at the fancy restaurant at the Ritz on Saturday

    Friends kids birthday party Sunday - and football 

    ETA: oh and a final swim of the season at my parents house on Saturday 

  • DS has soccer practice tonight at 5, then we will go out to eat for dinner. DH wants to go to Best Buy for something also.

    DS has a soccer game tomorrow at 10a. Then we are going to a "Touch-a-Truck" event in our town. After that we will just hang out at home and watch football. 

    Sunday is church, then probably just hanging out at home.  I would like to organize the basement but we will see how the day goes.

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  • Tomorrow our town is having their annual fair/festival - there is a parade, music, rides, games and food.  The main road is shut down to traffic and everyone is out.  We can walk to everything too, so it will be a lot of fun

    Sunday is a home Eagles game, so tailgating and hopefully a win!  I have tickets with my sister and one of my brothers texted me that he is going too.  I haven't seen him in a while so it will be nice to hang out!

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