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Anyone SAH without a car?

We recently moved across the country for DH's job and drove all together in one car. My parents are driving my car over in a month, but I'm starting to go crazy being trapped at home all day!!! If it's nice we walk to a local park, but it's been really rainy/windy lately and days that we don't leave the house drag on! I've been trying to do some more structured activities with DD now that she's able to sit for 5 minutes at a time, but still those activities only take up 15 minutes max. Any ideas/suggestions? 
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Re: Anyone SAH without a car?

  • It's been about a year for us. We take the car once a week and drop DH off at work. That day we run errands, have playdates, etc. The rest of the week we play outside, read, watch a preschool show, cook, color, paint, go on walks, clean the house, organize stuff. Really we just find things to keep busy. On pinterest there are a lot of crafts that can modified for toddlers.
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  • We've been a one car family for over 4 years now. We used to take DH to work once or twice a week so we could get out and run errands, go to doctor's appts, etc. The rest of the week we just entertained ourselves at home or places within walking distance.

    Now we live only a few blocks from DH's work so he walks most days. I still don't take the car out much, but it is nice to know it's there if we want it.  

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  • I don't have a car (I actually don't have a driver's license - I have a vision issue that impairs my depth perception). However, we live in a major metropolitan area and I don't need a car. DS and I are out and about every day no matter the weather- we walk or take the subway. I personally hate being stuck inside and would go craaaaaaazy if I didn't have the ability to go where I wanted when I wanted. Yesterday I didn't leave the house because we have painters/contractors here and I thought I was going to lose my mind, lol. so, I have no good suggestions other than go out even if it is bad weather. When it is rainy DS and I will walk to Starbucks and the bookstore, etc. Some days we talk rain walks where he gets to splash in puddles as much as he wants - stuff like that.
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  • We've had perpetual car problems so I've been without a car for the most part since I started SAH 2 years ago (give or take a few months here or there when the 2nd car was working well).  It's quite challenging for me.  My advice would be to get outside as much as possible (even when the weather is not ideal, you can bundle up and get outside for 5 minutes --  it can make a big difference) and spend time in different parts of the house throughout the day to change up the scenery.  We get drop off DH sometimes so that we can have the car, so we're not home always.  But if you're used to getting up and going when you want/need, it takes some adjusting to, for sure.  That's why I've been loving this beautiful September weather!  We can still get out even when we don't have the car.
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