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Disney on Ice ?

Has anyone taken their LO to see a Disney on Ice Show?  Is it really worth $40 a ticket?   They are going to be at the Patriot Center mid-October and we were considering taking DD to see it, but not sure we wanted to spent $120+.
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Re: Disney on Ice ?

  • DH took DD to one near Halloween 2009.  I thought she'd be too young to enjoy it, but she was pretty into it.  So we're all going to the ?princess? one this October (pretty sure DS isn't going to sit still and focus, but oh well).  I bet that if your DD is into Disney stuff, she'd like it - mine is excited.  It is pricey, though.  We are on the Disney on Ice email list and received a code for a discount on tickets, but I deleted it and can't share...sorry.  Maybe you can find it online so it's not such an expensive evening - I'd be hesitant to drop that much $$$ on something like that, too...you never know if your kid will love it or be totally bored.
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  • $40 a ticket???? that is pretty steep...wow.

    I went to Disney on Ice with my sister and my niece when she was about 6 years old (it was a Nemo themed show) and she got too scared when they turned down the lights and we had to leave. lol.

    but I don't think that the tickets were that much back then.  

  • We haven't seen any of the On Ice shows before but I have heard from other moms that the show has been to already that it was great.  When Maggie just over 2 DH took her to Mickey's Rockin Road Show at the Patriot Center and she loved it and DH (who was skeptical about taking her) said it was totally worth it.  We do have tickets (ours were about $37 each after all the taxes and fees) for the 4 of us and the girls are excited.  I wouldn't spend this much every year or for every show that comes into town but a treat every other year sounds about right for us as a treat and a change of pace for the kids.
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