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Tell me if I'm being overemotional...

I mostly just lurk, but you all seem like such supportive women and I have had this building the last few days. A few co-workers have husbands who work together. Their Hs both went on a work trip together and will be gone a total of 5 days.

 I have been single since my son (now 13 mos.) was 4 mos. old. I see these women, who are good friends, every day and they keep telling me how much they hate being a "single parent" and how they know how I feel now.

 I'm about to burst. I just want to scream at them "You have no IDEA!" I don't know if there is a kind way to say anything, or if I even need to. I just have been so frustrated and needed to vent! I am ready for their Hs to be home just so I can stop hearing about it...!

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Re: Tell me if I'm being overemotional...

  • I am so sorry! You are not being overemotional at all. being a single parent is one of those things that you can't know how it feels like until you are in that situation. I am in the process of preparing to be a single mom, if you can ever even prepare for that, and my mom was a single mom so i have only ever dealt with it from this side. But i am sorry :/
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  • No you're not being overemotional.  It's a common complaint b/c while for a few days they have to do all the parenting they have an end in sight.  They still have the emotional support coming back and is only a phone call away, they still have that second income or the main income keeping them finanically secure.

    You as a single or only parent have: all the parenting daily forever, courts to deal with about parenting times and CS, down to finanically what you can bring in and the laughable amount of CS that usually doesn't cover the cost of daycare, your emotional safety net is compiled of people who while love an support you have their own lives to lead.

    Just smile, and know that even if they are only glimpsing a small portion of what a single/only parent's life is like maybe they will become a little more supportive for you when you're in a jam.

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  • So say something.

    "You guys are ridiculous. You have no idea."

    "While I appreciate it must be hard, being on your own for four days knowing that if you let the house cleaning go you can just get it done when your husband gets home - yeah, not the same thing."

    "So, you're equating a supportive employed second parent leaving for four days to my life, in which I am the only one my son and I can rely on for everything? You guys are cute."


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