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Pain near pelvic bone

I am experiencing pain near my pelvic bone and it is uncomfortable.  And when I walk I feel like my parts are dropping right out.  I am debating with myself if I should go to the emerg.  What do you ladies think?  Wait it out or go??
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Re: Pain near pelvic bone

  • I seriously have been having this problem. My doctor told me if you feel like you need to go, then go. You know your body more than them anyways. It is most likley growing pains, which is perfectly normal. There are alot of muscles and ligments around that area. It helps to lay down or take a long shower. Feel better.
  • Thanks for your advice!  I just feel like a Nervous Nelly right now and I would hate to go and then feel like I wasted the doctors time you know...I feel better seeking advice here first
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  • I have been having the exact same issue. I've been wondering about going to the hospital too. I'm calling my doctor in the morning and see what they say. If I take it easy and not walk around as much it seems to stop. Idk?
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  • I have the same pain. I was told its because your pelvic bone is starting to seperate in preperation for giving birth. Mine actually has been split since 30 weeks pregnant with my dd (last year) Its completely painful if I run my finger across the bone I can actually feel a seperation.


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