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2nd Trimester

brownish discharge?

I went to the bathroom a little while ago and when I wiped (sorry to be gross) there was a ton of this brownish gooey discharge.  I have been neurotically going in every 20 min and wiping again, but nothing since.  Anyone else experience something like this?
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Re: brownish discharge?

  • Have you had an internal exam or have you had sex recently? Brown normally means old.
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  • I would go to the hospital just to be sure nothing is wrong
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  • Call your doctor:)
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  • I had brown spotting today.  Went to the dr and he did an exam.  My cervix is closed and he said he isn't worried.  I felt SO much better after going.  Its def worth calling your dr first thing in the AM. 


  • I haven't had it this pregnancy, but had it all the time (especially in the 3rd trimester) with my first.  As long as it's brown (not red) and it goes away, you are fine.  It's just old blood that your body is trying to get rid of. 

    However, if you are scared call your doctor for some reassurance.  They will probably tell you not to worry like mine did when I called them all the time about it my first pregnancy :-)

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