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3rd Trimester

Placenta Previa still at 29 weeks


I have had full placenta previa since 20 weeks.  I have had to go in every month for checks.  Just had one today (29 weeks) and I still have it..but possible marginal now?!  Do you think there is still hope that it could move?  Has anyone else had experience with this?  I am so bummed....but HAPPY that the baby looks great :)



Re: Placenta Previa still at 29 weeks

  • I had it until 35 wks with my DD, and then it finally moved out of the way. There is still lots of time for it to move out of the way.


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  • I do. I am 31wks now with full previa and pretty sure it is not moving. We have already decided that we will have a c-section since the bleeding risk is so huge. My OB is taking extra pre-caution with me right now since 3rd tri is when bleeding most likely will occur. I am on partial bedrest now, meaning I only work 4 hrs at my job, and can't do much else once I am home. She wants me on full bedrest, but I am holding out a little longer if I can since I haven't bled yet. This week, we decided to go ahead and get a round of steroid shots in to help develop LO's lungs. She said she does not want me to go into labor at all, because the contractions can aggravate the placenta which could cause it to start detaching, and certainly do no want me to start dilating either. I am also going to get growth u/s's to make sure LO is growing properly and placenta isn't failing. We are shooting for 38wks, but she said if anything happens, be prepared for delivery immediately. If you have any questions I can help you with, please pm me. We can bounce info off each other. HTH!
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  • have faith.  It can and probably will move up.   I had partial previa all along and it was still there at my 28 week US.  At 33 weeks they said it had moved but they weren't able to clear me yet as it may have still been too close.  So they had me schedule another US at a different doctors office.  I had that US today at 35 weeks - it was a transvaginal and they had to tilt the chair backwards and push on my stomach to try to lift baby's head off of cervix where it resting peacefully.  But finally the sonographer was able to get the measurements (they weren't taking any chances) and I finally got my go ahead placenta had indeed moved beyond the perimeters for what is considered a problem. So happy!!!  

    so if you are considered marginal now at 29 weeks, i would think you have a pretty good chance with a 11 weeks of growing to go.  Just think positive. 


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  • I had it with my first and it moved around 32 weeks. So don't stress you still have time for it to move.

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  • I had partial placenta prevue at my 32 week scan and it had moved out of the way by my 36 week scan it only has to be 2cm away from the cervix before they stop worrying. Good luck!
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