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Ugh, baby talk

Most of my friends/family do not use baby talk with DD. I've never said anything to anyone, that's just how it's been. But I have one aunt - she's the only family member near us - who ALWAYS talks to Laurel in baby talk. You know what I mean - "how's my widdle widdle bay-bee doing in her widdle widdle blankie, blah, blah." "Are your widdle, widdle tootsies cold without some fuzzy, wuzzy sawks, etc." So, she's purposely miscpronouncing words and making her voice as annoyingly sappy as possible. It drives me bonkers! She is a well educated, articulate woman. Yet, whenever she directs her attention to DD she sounds, frankly, like an idiot. She has two daughters - one is 12 and the other is 6 - and they both have had speech impediments. I'm not saying that is why, but I'm beginning to wonder. I only recently have been able to understand the younger one because she spoke like a "baby" for the longest time. I don't see her all that often, maybe once a month, so I probably would never say anything but it's just odd to me. Am I the only one who finds this annoying?

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Re: Ugh, baby talk

  • ugh, that is super annoying; I have from the beginning talked to my kids, I think it helps w/ language development.


  • I know, right?? I thought of it because she just emailed me and wrote "give widdle widdle Laurel bunches of kissy-kisses for me." Ick! I mean, she even WRITES in baby talk. So weird.
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  • Oh my Lord, it would take all my willpower to not scream or something! Yes, that is incredibly annoying. If you feel yourself start to go over the edge, maybe you can start talking back to her in baby talk all the time. "How's my widdle aunty-wanty? How is worky derky? Did aunty-wanty have ooodly fun at beachy-weachy?"
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  • I get annoyed with baby talk like that.  Thankfully I don't know many people who do it to an extreme level (more than a word here or there).
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  • My MIL does this.  It drives me crazy but I try my hardest not to freak out over it.  Both of her boys turned out ok and DS isn't around her ALL the time....but it still doesn't make it any less painful to listen to.

    And it really is painful...

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  • this is likely a battle i wouldn't fight.

    i'd probably take some aspirin before she came over though! Big Smile

  • My MIL does this constantly, and since she stays with us for a couple of days at a time once a month or so, I really had to ask DH to say something - it was driving me nuts!  So, DH explained that he read a few things that he wanted to share with her.  He explained that talking in normal voices will help DS recognize his grandma and her voice, and that it will help him learn what words mean and eventually talk (especially because MIL was speaking in Korean, which we would love for DS to learn, but she was sort of yelling at him with weird inflections rather than saying the words how she actually speaks them). 

    Since DH said this to MIL it was great - she went from shouting and using baby talk to using a normal volume and actually telling DS more words in Korean for things like nose, eyes, mouth, etc.  (in addition to "grandma" and "i love you", of course).

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  • Unless the aunt is over every day I wouldn't worry about it affecting your child's speech or language development.  While annoying, I think it's pretty harmless.  Sounds like she loves babies, which is a good thing - I've got relatives who pay zero attention to my kids when they visit because they have no idea what to say to anyone under the age of ten. 
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