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C-section #2...easier or harder?

With my 1st child I had a C-section and it was pretty easy.  Painful, but easy.  With this baby we are planning on having a scheduled c-section.  I've heard that the second c-section is usually easier than the first.  Anyone agree with this?  I mean I know that they have more scar tissue to cut through and that it can be a little more difficult but as far as the healing goes, would you say it's easier?
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Re: C-section #2...easier or harder?

  • im glad u posted this because this is wt is going to happen w me as well, i wanted to try VBAC but im still nervous on that.. sorry not much help huh but im wondering the same as u..  u should post this in the C-Section board as well
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  • I am in the same boat as you, so no advice here.

    But I would think it would be a bit harder only due to the scare tissue they need to cut through to get the baby out. That alone might make it harder to recover, IMO.

    I was going to ask my OB the next time I went.

    Good luck

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  • I'll have to let you know after March. :) But a friend of mine who had two c-sections said the second one was way easier and she recovered much quicker. I guess we'll see...
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  • I have only heard that they are eaiser the 2nd time around. Good luck!!

  • With my second c/s the procedure itself went really well, and I felt very calm and prepared so the whole having the baby part was wonderful. Recovery was pretty much the same for me; aside from having AWFUL gas pains after introducing food too early I think, and getting a slight infection at my incision site; neither of those things happened to me after my first. Here's hoping third time is a charm and this one goes better than either of my first two. :-)

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  • My second c-section took a little longer because of all the scar tissue but the recovery was so much better. I was not nearly as sore as I was the first time. I was moving around pretty easily by the time I left the hospital. I definitely had an easier recovery all around.

  • I had a C-section with #1 and everything went smoothly. Recovery was relatively easy.

    With #2, my doctor pushed me to try a VBAC because she said the recovery from a C-section with a toddler around it is much harder. That thought was enough to convince me. I had a successful VBAC with #2 and the recovery was long but manageable. I was able to lift my baby and toddler pretty much from the beginning.

    With #3, I am planning a VBAC again, simply because I will have two toddlers to manage this time.

    If you don't have medical restrictions, try to look into VBAC. It should allow you for an easier recovery. 

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  • Thanks ladies! 

    Shaadi: I've thought about a VBAC but the way I look at it is I've already been cut open and I know what to expect.  I would hate to rip in the process of having a VBAC and have 2 different scars.  On top of that, my dr told me I have a very narrow pelvis and tend to have larger babies.  I would have LOVED to a natural birth with my daughter and try again for the same thing this time.  I'm just really scared to try for a VBAC.  I'm glad that yours turns out so well!!!

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  • I felt the same way about VBAC.  I already have a scar, so why have another, right?  My c-section was easy too.  I didn't even feel much pain, either.  So when my doctor told me I can choose whichever I want this time, I was like, uh...  But I decided to try VBAC this time because we want another baby hopefully sooner than we were blessed with this one after our son.  I might end up having a c-section again, but to me it's worth trying.

    I heard good stories and bad stories from my friends who had c-sections.  I hope everything will go smoothly for you!

    m/c - Dec 2005, DS - March 27, 2007, m/c - Oct 2009, DD - Feb 20, 2012

    Proud mother of two breech babies:)

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  • I heard the same. I would think though you will need to make a big effort not to over do it, which we all know with a toddler can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially since the best jungle gym is always mommy! LOL! I hope the rumors are true though, the last time I took no pain meds, I'm hoping for the same this time.
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  • Pretty much the same. First one was rougher at the beginning b/c I had been in labor and had to recover from that too.  The second one was easier at the beginning, but harder once I got home b/c I had another child at home.  It wasn't as easy to rest.  still, both times I felt much better after the first week and totally fine after 6 weeks.
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