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How often is your newborn awake?

My lo is six days old and only opens her eyes and is alert and awake once or twice a day. Is this normal? Even when I feed her she keeps her eyes shut.

Re: How often is your newborn awake?

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    It can be. 6 day olds sleep a lot. Just make sure she is getting enough to eat. They can get dehydrated easily.
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    DS was like that for about the first week, week and a half. And yeah, people who were coming over to visit kept commenting on it and I got all paranoid. As long as she's eating regularly, I'd just enjoy the naps and take a few of my own. As she gets older, she'll be awake more and you'll be glad you caught up on your sleep while you were able to!
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    My LO was pretty alert and had a lot of awake time during the first 10 days we were EBF. Once I started supplementing, and then EFF she started sleeping much more, and hardly had any awake time at all until around 6wks. 

    I think it depends on the baby. Some NBs sleep all the time and hardly wake up for a feeding, others are more alert right from the start.  

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    DS2 is rarely awake (maybe an hour or 2/day). I asked the pedi and he said to enjoy it and that as long as they are gaining weight and having enough soiled dipes, they are fine. 
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    At that age, my LO was VERY sleepy and was awake for maybe 20 minutes a day. Just enjoy it while it lasts. If your LO is like mine, in a few weeks you'll be spending an hour trying to get him down for a nap and he'll sleep for 15 minutes. 
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    The only time LO opened his eyes for a couple weeks was when he screamed through his diaper changes.  He still falls asleep pretty often while nursing and he's 11 wks now.
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