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2nd Trimester

When did you feel baby's kicks from the outside?

I've been feeling its kicks since 17 weeks, but still haven't felt anything from the outside (or at least I think I haven't--might have felt something when pressing down the other night).  I did have a little extra pudge around my belly pre-pregnancy which I'm sure can delay things.  So when did you feel baby from the outside?  Do you carry a little extra around your middle?

Re: When did you feel baby's kicks from the outside?

  • I felt them ONCE with this baby so far and it was the other night.  I was laying on my left side, watching TV.  I just happened to have my right hand resting on my right side and the baby kicked.  It was a quick 'tap-tap-tap' feeling and then nothing since.

    Same thing happened with my daughter.  I felt her kick once and then no real kicks for a whole week...and then they started up.

  • I haven't felt any from the outside yet. I can feel him moving around in there, but no kicks yet.
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  • I think around 19wks

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  • I would say that I really started to feel outside kicks this week (24w).  I "may" have felt it ealier but now they are very pronounce.
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  • I'm thin and I did'nt start to feel kicks from the outside until the end of the 19th week.  I have to have my hand pressed on my belly, and I think it's more of a combo inside/outside thing, because DH still can't feel anything.
  • I could feel/see them from the outside for the first time last night. My stomach jerking a little bit right where the tapping was coming from on the inside. It was the craziest thing I've ever experienced.
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  • About 2 weeks ago. This week I can SEE them. Freaky deaky.
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  • I think it was around 21 or 22 weeks when my husband could feel her move from the outside. Just yesterday my mom and grandma were able to feel as well.
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  • We've only had one day (19w5d) where kicks were strong enough for DH to really unmistakably feel from the outside -- and he said it felt like a single beat of my pulse, it was that faint to him.

    I've felt baby turning over twice, when my hand was on my tummy and the LO was nestled right up against the uterine wall right below my hand, but I don't think DH would've felt anything.

    I definitely had some pre-pregnancy pudge, but mostly it's just uterus now.

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  • This - I can feel them on the inside and the outside. My husband thinks he might be feeling them but just isn't sure yet.

  • DS1 was at 17 weeks and DS2 was at 19 weeks.
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  • With my first, I am thinking it was like 21-22 weeks.  I do remember the first time DH felt kicks around 24 weeks. 

    17 weeks might still be kind of early to feel from the outside, although everyone is different!

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  • I felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time two days ago (18w5d), and DH and I both felt kicks from the outside yesterday (18w6d). I'm pretty thin, but any extra weight I gain is always around my stomach.
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  • 21 weeks tomorrow and just felt my first outside kicks today (of all the kicks today, only one set was obvious on the outside).  I'm fairly skinny, though.
  • Last week, I think- so about 25 weeks.
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  • I am 21 weeks and just started feeling it from the outside... This little guy kicks like CRAZY!!
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