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Hi there. I am a first-time Mom and at the time I found out I was pregnant, I was simultaneously diagnosed with Graves Disease (a type of hyperthyroidism). Thankfully I found out I was pregnant at only 4 weeks, and started treatment right away. The medication I'm taking is called PTU, and it can do some serious damage to the baby. It is the path of least resistance, and my doctor told me I have to take it if there is any chance I want the baby to survive. Taking a medication knowing it could potentially harm my child, but is saving my own life, is heartbreaking. I am a full time college student, in my senior year of Nursing, and as much as it's a blessing to really understand the in 's and out's of my disease, it can also be a curse. Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with Graves, and if you had any complications during your pregnancy. Thanks so much.

Re: Graves Disease

  • I was dx about a year ago.  I was nursing at the time, and was on PTU.  From my understanding PTU isn't super dangerous... there is some evidence that it can be harmful, but it isn't always.  I was able to do RAI last December. I am still a little hyper, but not enough to be on any medication for it.  I just have to make sure to go to the endo every trimester to check my levels, and watch out for going hypo.
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  • I was diagnosed with graves right after getting pregnant too.  by the time my doctors referred me to a family doctor (who of course could not do anything for me) and then finally seeing an endo, I was just exiting the 1st trimester, so they put me on methimazole...all symptoms are gone and levels are in the comfortable range.  not looking forward to RAI afterwards....
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