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Odd results at hospital with GD measurements

Hi ladies - I was admitted to the hospital for observation when my 33week growth scans back as baby is measuring 3 weeks behind (I have diet controlled GD and PIH).  While having the hospital take my glucose numbers, the numbers were coming back either really high (208 2hrs after dinner) or really low (55 fasting).  Some of it can be explained due to the steroid shots they gave me for baby's lungs.  Out of curiosity though, we had brought my monitor from home and I tried the opposite hand and came up with a completely different number.

For example: nurse took my right hand draw 2hrs after dinner last night and got 208 and I took my left hand and I got 124 (still high but not as outrageous as 208).  I mentioned it to her so she took my right again about 5 mins later with 211 result.  She then tried my right hand and got 128.  She kept her original 208 for tracking purposes

My question - have any of you experienced anything like these discrepancies?  Why would one hand have such a different number than the other? 


Re: Odd results at hospital with GD measurements

  • I had a similar weird experience at home. I took my post dinner blood sugar number, but realized I had forgotten to wash my hands. So I took it again with the same hand, but a different finger only to have a much higher number.

    Strange, I know! You would think the hospital meters would be more accurate. I would keep testing along with them.


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