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Had my cerclage out

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to give any of you out there with a cerclage some piece of mind about the removal.  First of all they offered me a very small shot of morphine to help relax me because they said that it will only hurt worse if you tense up.  Of course I was nervous and started to tense up at the sight of the big speculum, but I forced myself to find that happy place and breath calmly through it and avoid tensing as much as possible, it was done in 5 minutes, no biggie!  And bonus, I dialated to 3 immediately :) but then after making it to only 3 1/2 and 90% effaced after 12 hours they sent me home since my contractions were not causing much progress.  In any event the cerclage is out and it wasn't that bad so rest assured when it's time to get yours taken out that if you stay calm you will be just fine too.  GL! :) 

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Re: Had my cerclage out

  • Great news! They never offered me anything not even when they saw how much pain I was in, almost passed out and thought I was going to die.  What kind of stitch did you have?  The bad experience I had was with the wire like suture and he put in two to be safe so two had to be removed!!! w/DD I had the flat ribbon (I think it was blue at the time) and it was not that bad.  This time I will request the ribbon...both just as effective.  They key is definitely stay calm and not tense up...that is how I made it through the removal when we went for a 2nd try after I had lunch and relaxed a bit.  Did they check you after they removed it to see how much you were dialated?  I refused internals until 40 weeks w/DS and they did not check at the removal after it was out (35w6d).  I was 3-4 cm at 40 weeks but not sure how long I was at that.  W/DD I was not dialated at all the day before I gave birth at 40 weeks...maybe barely a fingertip if I remember.
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  • Thanks for posting this.  Mine comes out next week and I'm really scared.  Of what....I don't know.  So I'll try to find my happy place when they do it.  
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