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Anyone have Crohn's Disease?

If you have Crohn's Disease do you plan on having a Vaginal delivery or C-Section and why? My doctor said it was probably a good idea to do the C-section because of risks of tearing really bad "down there" with a vaginal delivery and having a hard time healing with going to the bathroom multiple times a day. Now I saw her this week and she seems to have changed her mind and wants me to do vaginal. Just wondering what other Crohnies are planning.


Re: Anyone have Crohn's Disease?

  • I had a C-Section as a result of baby's breech position.  My Crohn's played no part in the way I would have delivered. 

    My Crohns was active at the time of delivery.  Even if I had a tear, Crohns would not have affected it in the least since I didn't have to push for a BM- I think you know what I mean.  In fact, standard procedure was to give the new moms laxative, and I replied, "Oh no, I don't think you want me to have that!"  Haha Crohns joke...

    Seriously, though, I don't see why the vaginal delivery would be a problem medically, and neither did my dr.

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  • Yea! Another fellow pregnant chronie! :) I am now coming upon my 28th week of pregnancy and met with my OB yesterday. My GI doctor and OB decided it would be best for ME to have a c-section - just found out yesterday :( I knew it was always a possibility because of the crohns history and where my inflammation is located. They have left me on my Cimzia injections throughout my pregnancy, b-12 shots and have been having monthly ultrasounds to track growth. This is my first pregnancy and things with my son have been progressing beautifully and my crohns has actually improved since being preggers. I told my husband we are now going to have 20 kids instead of the 2 we wanted since my crohns is better pregnant haha! Hope this helps and definately let me know if you have other questions-- its hard to find info about crohns and pregnancy. It feels the best to hear from other people going through the same thing!
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  • I had ulcerative colitis but have had a permanent ostomy for almost a decade, so I have a different situation but just wanted to say good luck :)

    I know that for women who have ulcerative colitis but have had reconstructive surgery (where they remove your colon and attach your small intestine directly to your butt) that they nearly all have c-sections because tearing of the anus can give them problems with incontinence afterwards. Maybe that is one of your doc's reasons?

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  • I'm also a fellow crohnie, but I haven't even discussed delivery with my ob yet. let us know how you make out!
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  • I'm not PG yet but I have Crohn's and have discussed pregnancy/delivery with my GI. From what I understand, whether or not they recommend a vaginal delivery or c-section depends on what type of disease you have/have had. If you've had perianal problems (fistulas, fissures, abscesses), then they want you to have a c-section because the potential trauma to that area could cause major damage that would potentially not heal well. But if you've had resections, they might recommend a vaginal delivery because of all the scar tissue you have in your abdomen already, which could lead to adhesions and fistulas. Hope that helps!


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  • I have Crohns and had a scheduled c/s. My GI Dr said (afterwards) that I made a smart decision by doing so. She said that with Crohns you have a harder time recovering from tears into your anus and rectum. Also you can lose sphincter tone with vaginal births (pushing, tearing) which is not ideal with Crohns.
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